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The Gear I use

The camera doesn't take a photograph, the person standing behind it does. Timing, framing, emotion, story telling, anticipation and hard earned skill make up just the tip of the iceberg. However, a professional in any endeavour will also need to use the right equipment. Too often people are miss lead by bogus wanna be wedding and events photographers who promise a low cost high end service - nothing could be further from the truth. Please see my blog 'The 10 points when choosing a wedding photographer' Many so called wedding/events and commercial photographers use sub standard gear - entry and enthusiast level cameras and lenses (APS-C cameras with small senors which yield noisy, grainy images, and older unreliable full frame cameras such as Nikon's D610 and D750, and cheap old or even antique lenses manufactured prior to 2000. These cheap lenses were made for low resolution film cameras, not modern digital systems). Most will attend a wedding with only one camera and at best two lenses. These cameras will typically produce blurry and grainy images. Cheap lenses = a cheap end product.


I use Sony cameras. The new Sony A73 series of cameras produce class leading full frame, low light images. The Sony system is renowned for its rendition of beautiful skin tones and their line of exquisite lenses., I use dual SD card slots, meaning my images are instantly backed up should an SD card fail. I use Godox, Bessel and Interfit high end speed lights and studio strobes. I use Carl Zeiss and Sony professional lenses. I also use a DJI camera drone to capture unique aerial footage. I don't cheap out on gear, because your event or special day is too important - both to you, and to me.  

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